Fundamental, strong, sensitive, precious: hands are the bridge between us and the world. However, they often don't get the care and attention they deserve. At Permano, we believe that hand care is not just a necessity, yet a daily self-care habit.

Here are the treatments we have created for your hands:


Permano formula guarantees a double action on the skin - sanitizing and moisturizing, leaving the hands clean, soft and beautifully scented.

Thanks to the properties of Aloe Vera, Permano deeply hydrates the skin and restores its natural hydrolipidic film, without drying it out. Its special formula with 70% alcohol guarantees efficient sanitization in a few seconds, leaving the hands soft, non-sticky and perfectly dry. The formula is parabene-free and there is no trace of nickel.

Furthermore, the aromatic properties of essential oils provide a pleasant, long-lasting scent to the skin. Permano is available in four versatile and sophisticated fragrances, Sottobosco, Terracotta, Oltremare and Controluce.


More than just hand creams: natural and 100% Made in Italy with the best natural ingredients and an infinitely recyclable aluminum packaging! There are four treatments based on precious active ingredients, ideal even for the most delicate, sensitive and demanding skin. The textures rich in ultra-effective botanical active ingredients blend with the skin, giving the hands a feeling of well-being and hydration that lasts for a long time.

Discover the handcare wardrobe:

TUTTIGIORNI, moisturizing daily hand cream.

NOTTEFONDA, Regenerating night hand cream.

ALRIPARO, Intensive repairing hand balm.

SENZATEMPO, anti-aging and protective hand cream.



The future is solid! Our solid soaps are handcrafted in small quantities by combining innovative ingredients and ancient wisdom. The base of our soaps is a mix of olive oil and coconut oil and the method we have chosen to use is that of hot saponification.

The result? A moisturizing, velvety and pleasant formula.


Our two formulas - one moisturizing and the other exfoliating are delicate, natural and ... sustainable, thanks to the refill program! They are contained in a designer bottle made of aluminum: 100%, recyclable, durable, and perfect for reuse.

The fragrances inspired by the Italian territory wrap your senses:

MEDITERRANEAN, with soothing prickly pear extract.

NEROLI, with pumice stone particles and a neroli scent.