Permano is a beauty and lifestyle brand dedicated to indulgent yet sustainable daily rituals. For us there is no need to wait for a special occasion to use a special product. What makes self-care truly exceptional is not to limit it to an empty practice, but to transform it into a conscious effort to do something greater than just pleasing our ego.

This is reflected in every aspect of our creations; from the packaging we make, 100% recyclable, to our plant-based formulas, without nickel and parabens.


We want to focus more and more on what really matters: sustainability and effectiveness. We say no to compromises and shortcuts. In order to keep our promise of offering the highest quality cosmetic products we can, we don’t settle with what is easily accessible.

Our goal is to find the perfect balance between design, quality, effectiveness and sustainability. The result? A collection of essential products that works for everyone: all ages, all genders, all skin types, all lifestyles.


We are a group of young creatives who believe that handcare is not just a responsible habit yet something that can also be fun, convenient, sustainable and enjoyable. That is why we have embarked on this new, challenging adventure.

Who is behind Permano? A young architect and designer, a data scientist, an herbalist, a digital marketing expert, a beauty editor. Five different worlds, but capable of providing a varied and stimulating approach to this project.

And then there is you, the real main characters. We have chosen you and your hands as ambassadors of our ideal. Permano is for everyone. #MadeForAllHands


There is more behind this simple and functional gesture. We want to create an emotional connection with the territory we come from and with the people we reach out to.

“What goes around comes around…”

Permano's mission is characterized by a continuous cycle of three fundamental elements: respect for nature, understanding of emotions and a profound sense of social responsibility. This is the strength, the legacy, of a young and heterogeneous team.